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Environmental Science Deskbook, (Thomson Reuters/West 25th ed. 2022). Conceived of, outlined, produced, edited and annually update unique explanation of environmental science and technology for lawyers and other nontechnical readers. Has been the best-selling product in West’s environmental legal catalog on a dollar basis.

Book Chapters

Institutions and Incentives in Regulatory Science (Jason Scott Johnston ed. 2012). Drafted Chapter 6, "Reconciling the Scientific and Regulatory Timetables," available at

Developments in Administrative Law & Regulatory Practice 2008-2009 (Jeffrey S. Lubbers ed. 2010). Drafted Chapter 9, Part III, “Homeland Security—Administrative Developments.”

Careers in Administrative Law & Regulatory Practice (James T. O’ Reilly ed. 2010). Drafted “Becoming an Association Lawyer,” an essay in Part 6.

Homeland Security: Legal and Policy Issues (Joe D. Whitley & Lynne K. Zusman eds. 2009). Drafted Chapter 6, “Information Protection,” and Chapter 12, “Chemical Facility Anti-Terrrorism Standards.”

Developments in Administrative Law & Regulatory Practice 2003-2004 (Jeffrey S. Lubbers ed. 2005). Drafted Chapter 7 (“Regulatory Policy”).

Regulation of the Gas Industry (James T. O'Reilly ed.)(1989-93 eds.). Revised §§ 9.11, 9.13-15 re RCRA, CERCLA, EPCRA and TSCA.


EPA Promotes Opacity Regarding Guidance Documents, 38 Yale J. on Reg.:NOTICE & COMMENT (May 20, 2021), available at

Don't Delay . . . It Will Only Delay Things, 44 Admin. & Reg. Law News 4 (Summer 2019).

The Solution to Regulatory Ossification May Be Regulatory Cartilage, 36 Yale J. on Reg.:NOTICE & COMMENT (May 10, 2019), available at

Nullify This Hypothesis, Chemical Watch Global Business Briefing 12 (June 2017), available at

Congress Enacts Comprehensive Infrastructure Permitting Legislation. That Was the Easy Part, 42 Admin. & Reg. Law News 14 (Fall 2016), available at

A Second Act for Risk-Based Chemicals Regulation, Issues in Science & Technology 77 (Fall 2016) (with Keith B. Belton), available at

If We Can Fix TSCA, We Can Fix the OSH Act, REGBLOG (Sept. 12, 2016), available at

Congress Enacts Infrastructure Reform -- But Implementation Lags, REGBLOG (June 6, 2016), available at

ABA House of Delegates Approval of Recommended APA Improvements, Notice & Comment (Feb. 24, 2016), available at

Science in Congress: Good-Faith Debate, 349 SCIENCE 486 (July 31, 2015), available at

We Shouldn't Dismiss "Sue and Settle" - or Other Regulatory Problems, REGBLOG (May 18, 2015), available at

Data Disclosure for Chemical Evaluations, 121 ENVTL. HEALTH PERSPS. 145 (Feb. 2013), available at Peer-reviewed publication.

Enhancing Credibility of Chemical Safety Studies: Emerging Consensus on Key Assessment Criteria, 119 ENVTL. HEALTH PERSPS. 757 (June 2011), available at Peer-reviewed publication.

CFATS: Keeping DHS's Eyes on the Prize, 32 CHEMICAL DISTRIBUTOR 13 (May/June 2010)

Citizen Enforcement of Security Laws, 8 THE CIP REPORT 16 (Nov. 2009), available at

CFATS: Is the Sitzkrieg About to End?, 31 CHEMICAL DISTRIBUTOR 13 (May/June 2009).

Guest Column: Infrastructure Protection v.2.0 – Forward to the Past? GOVERNMENT SECURITY NEWS (June 23, 2008), available at

The Security of Chemical Facilities: A Perpetually Moving Target? 55 THE FEDERAL LAWYER 41 (June 2008).

Chemical Facility Security—Congress and DHS in an Uneasy Race, HOMELAND SECURITY & NAT’L DEFENSE NEWSLETTER vol. 1, #3, at 5 (Spring 2008).

Scientific and Legal Perspectives on the Use of Science in Regulatory Activities, 116 ENVTL. HEALTH PERSPS. 136 (Jan. 2008), available at (with Carol J. Henry). Peer-reviewed publication.

OMB's Draft Risk Assessment Bulletin: Improving the Process, 13 RISK POLICY REPORT, No. 21 (May 23, 2006).

Open Secrets: The Widespread Availability of Information about the Health and Environmental Effects of Chemicals, 69 LAW & CONTEMP. PROBS. 141 (Summer 2006), available at

Assessing the Reliability and Credibility of Industry Science and Scientists, 114 ENVTL. HEALTH PERSPS. 153 (Feb. 2006), available at (with Craig S. Barrow). Peer-reviewed publication.

Protecting Private Security-Related Information from Disclosure by Government Agencies, 57 ADMIN. L. REV. 715 (Summer 2005).

Homeland Security Advisory Council Private Sector Information Sharing Task Force report on Homeland Security Information Sharing between Government & the Private Sector (Aug. 2005) (principal author).

Seeking Better Science -- Early Returns from Information Quality Correction Requests, 35 TRENDS 10 (Sept./Oct. 2003).

The Information Quality Act – Antiregulatory Costs of Mythic Proportions? 12 KAN. J. L. & PUB. POL'Y 521 (Spring 2003).

The Reverse Science Charade, 33 ELR 10306 (April 2003), available at

Draft Guidance on the Appropriate Use of Rules Versus Guidance, 32 ELR 10721 (June 2002).

So Sue Me: Common Contractual Provisions and Their Role in Allocating Environmental Liability, 26 ELR 10219 (May 1996); 6 HAZARDOUS WASTE STRATEGIES UPDATE 1 (Sept. 1994); 1 ENVT'L LIAB. 77 (1993).

Sliding Scale or Slippery Slope: The New ASTM Standard Practices for Environmental Site Assessments, 23 ELR 10181 (April 1993).

CERCLA Does Not Invalidate Contractual Allocations of Responsibility, 22 ELR 10045 (Jan. 1992).

A Bad Mix for Mason Neck, THE WASHINGTON POST (Feb. 11, 1990) (ghostwritten).

Save the Whales, THE WASHINGTON POST (Jan. 12, 1988).

Reporting Requirements for Chemical Leaks and Spills, 18 BNA ENV'T RPTR. 683; 11 BNA CHEM. REG. RPTR. 617 (both June 19, 1987) (with R. deC. Hinds).

Trade Legislation and Foreign Investment, 2 J. INT'L BANKING LAW 79 (1987 Issue 2) (with A. Bonime-Blanc).

Overview of the Government Securities Act of 1986 (PLI 1987) (with J.E. Marans and G.P. Prezioso).

Note, Glowing Their Own Way: State Embargoes and Exclusive Waste-Disposal Sites Under the Low-Level Radioactive Waste Policy Act of 1980, 53 GEO. WASH. L. REV. 654 (1985).

Night Shift, THE NEW REPUBLIC 14 (May 21, 1984).

Periodic contributor, PITTSBURGH POST GAZETTE op-ed page, 1984-1991.

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